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Worshiper and composer Yomayra Newman is releasing her brand new single “Te Quiero Oir”. Years after her last album her team decided to reach out to our team of branding experts. Everbeez Graphics took the concept she had imagine and brought it to Life in one of a kind art cover for her single.
The project consisted in generating a concept with the lyrics and past experiences in her journey in the music ministry.

Social media content creation and management as well as branding and custom artwork was the fuel that help deliver this amazing project on line. Please support this artist and download her brand new single: Te Quiero Oir available in itunes, amazon, google play & spotify.

Here at Everbeez Graphics we want to help your music project reach new levels and audience. Cd covers, prints, social media content management, photography & web design.

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. 


One Voice is a talented group of young people who are using their talents to project their love of their faith. Everbeez Graphics helped develop and design their brand with one of our fantastic logo designs. We are thankful to the young leaders over at Kingdom Culture (Jackie and Saisha) for trusting us in the launching of their brand.
Please join us as we support their efforts by being a part of their upcoming event this weekend in Worcester, MA. Follow them on facebook for more information or click on the event flyer below.



El Buen Samaritano Food Program Inc. has been servicing the community of Worcester for over 30 years. So when they reached out to us for the re-branding of their program we were truly honored. Our first approach to the project was the creation of a new logo design followed by the designing of a brand new website.
We are proud of partnering with this program and looking forward to all of the future projects will be creating together.



When Kevin Correa was in need of branding for his new business Reflection Apparel he did no else than to contact Everbeez Graphics. Having just entered a competition for new business owners he needed a logo that will impact and help him stand out from the rest of the competitors.Everbeez Graphics is more than happy to receive the news that he was able to receive first place with our one of a kind design.

We then proceeded to speak with the client and further his portfolio by creating his first piece of clothing under this brand. “One step closer, One-day closer” is a typography piece which included handwritten lettering and illustration by our senior graphic designer.

Need a t-shirt design or logo? Look no further and contact the professionals here at Everbeez Graphics.



When pastor Tim Cruz of Student Life ministry needed a flyer design. He looked no further than Everbeez Graphics for this amazing 4×6 custom design print. The project’s objective was to release a promotional flyer for outreach purpose.

If you are looking for a great place to be and are a young middle to High school student. Make sure to stop by every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. at Liberty Church in Shrewsbury. Thank you pastor Tim and everybody over at Student Life.

Need a t-shirt design or logo? Look no further and contact the professionals here at Everbeez Graphics.



Promotional Services for church and non-profits. This project was for Christ The King Church located in the city of Boston. The project consists of social media projection and management. This coming up weekend will be a big one for them as they are moving to a new place and wanted to let their community know about the move.
We created Instagram and Facebook designs for their event announcement. Find out why they trust us with their social media management. Give us a call and let’s set up a plan for you today. Everbeez Graphics (508)556-0753.


church promotions


When the Lavergne family wanted to celebrate the legacy of their family. They looked no further than Everbeez Graphics to project the vision they had in mind.

This project consisted of creating a Logo and editing and graphic designing for a poster flyer promoting this event.
Check out this free event and be a part of awesome music and fun at Liberty Church this December 1, 2017.

Want a flyer like this? No need to wait any longer we are here to serve you Everbeez graphics your one stop shop for all your graphic design needs.