Who We Are

Everbeez Graphics is a graphic design studio in the heart of Worcester, MA. We started this company because we love making beautiful things and want to use our talents to help other businesses grow.
Our target audience is anyone who needs help with branding and marketing. We work with small businesses (especially those just starting), entrepreneurs, non-profits, and more. We also work with individuals who want to get their first business off the ground or need a little inspiration for their projects. We’re trying to solve two problems:

1) Businesses need more than just a logo. They need a brand identity that they can use across all their marketing materials to be consistent, memorable, and appealing to potential customers.

2) Many people don’t know how to create an effective brand identity from scratch—they have no idea what goes into it or where to start.

Our Clients

We’ve served brands from small to large enterprises, influencers to big personalities. We’d love to be part of your story.